How to drink a tea and be happy with your tea

The story of how we first started drinking tea is one that is often ignored by our friends and family.

It’s the story of what happens when you take a lot of tea and drink it slowly.

I think of the tea we now drink as the perfect example of the science of tea.

We drink tea because we want to relax, because we need to relax a bit, because our bodies need a bit of rest, because it helps us feel better after a tough day at work, because after a long day at the office, we just need a cup of tea to feel better.

Tea is a perfect thing to do.

It takes you to a place that you want to go to and allows you to relax.

It also helps you feel good.

We all know that, and tea helps us relax.

So, why does it take so long to drink it?

There are several reasons why we don’t like tea.

One of the reasons is the caffeine.

The caffeine in tea is high and it’s in our blood when we drink it.

It can cause headaches, insomnia, and even depression.

When you have that much caffeine in your body, it can make it hard to concentrate on something.

This can cause you to forget what you’re trying to do, which can result in you losing concentration and making mistakes.

When we drink tea slowly, we don�t get as much caffeine.

We don�ve gotten enough.

We have a much easier time focusing.

And, when you drink tea, the tea leaves have a bit more structure and a lot more flavor.

The amount of caffeine is why we need a lot less.

There are some good reasons why you can drink a cup at a time.

If you have a headache, it’s best to have a cup before you go to bed.

The tea leaves will make your headache disappear.

If your mood gets too bad, it might help you focus on your work, or you might want to focus on some more important things like going to the gym.

It might even make it easier to enjoy a cup.

It�s not as good to drink tea all at once, and you�ll feel tired.

And tea is not always pleasant.

It is more like alcohol than coffee, and it tastes a bit sweeter.

This is because the tea is a chemical compound.

It has a lot going on inside of it that can make you feel more like you are drinking alcohol. It doesn�t have much caffeine, but it has a ton of flavor.

When it comes to tea, it is a very complex thing, but one thing it does well is relax you.

If we drink a lot, we tend to think about the things that are important to us and our life, and our thoughts become very focused and analytical.

We tend to focus our attention on our thoughts.

When that happens, we forget to focus and get distracted by other things.

When tea is consumed slowly, you can enjoy the process of drinking a cup slowly and be more relaxed.

You can take a cup and relax and be a little more in the moment.

So I think the first thing that people think about when they talk about tea is its caffeine content.

But if you want a drink that has a really good flavor, it should be a high-quality, dark tea.

If it�s something that�s low in caffeine, you should use something like a dark tea, or something like ginger tea.

Ginger tea is an herbal tea that is rich in tea-like compounds that help relax you, but that doesn�’t have much of a caffeine content like tea does.

If a cup is full of black tea and you want something that has some sweetness, you might try some dark, or green tea.

These are the same compounds that make tea taste good.

It should taste good and have a good balance of sweetness and bitterness.

When I drink green tea, I drink it in the afternoon.

When a cup goes down, I can drink it as late as 3 or 4 p.m.

I try to enjoy tea with friends and enjoy the tea experience.

When people think of tea, they think of black or dark, and then they think about alcohol.

Alcohol is a stimulant that we all need to deal with in the evening.

We take alcohol for the euphoric effect it has on us, and for relaxing and relaxing-type feelings in the morning.

And drinking a lot can get you in a bad mood.

The truth is that the more you drink, the more caffeine you have in your blood.

That means that you need to drink that much more to have any benefit.

Drinking tea slowly and taking it slowly will make it a bit easier to relax when you need it most.

You�ll have a little bit more energy, but you also have a lot fewer thoughts to think of.

It helps you get into a comfortable, calm place.

And it helps you relax when things get tough.

This makes it a good drink for a number of reasons

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