What the tea at the world’s most famous tea shop has to offer?

The world’s largest tea shop in Taiwan’s capital Taipei has a lot of tea, including tea with a lot more than 100 different types of tea.

The shop also sells tea made from fresh flowers, teas made from tea leaves, tea made with the sweet tea that is popular in China, tea with the medicinal herb chrysanthemum, tea brewed with herbs, tea infused with herbs and tea with an unusual blend of the two.

 The shop is also known for their tea with flavors like green tea, yellow tea, black tea, and black tea with vanilla.

The shop also offers a variety of tea with different flavors, which include white tea, orange tea, green tea with lemon, black teas, black-colored tea, brown tea, white tea with coconut, black with black pepper, and teas with a mixture of spices.

The owner of the shop is Taipei Tea House’s manager, Lee Yu, who said the shop has been in business for more than 10 years.

“I think people in Taiwan are really fond of tea,” he said.

“There’s a lot to drink here.

I think that’s why people in Taipei like this place so much.”

Lee Yu said tea has been a part of Taiwanese culture for thousands of years.

“Taiwanese people have a deep connection with tea,” Lee said.

Taiwan’s tea shops have a history of being open to tourists.

As part of the city’s tourist strategy, the shops provide free Wi-Fi to their customers and have an interactive cafe where they offer a variety or specialty tea and snacks, Lee said in a video posted on the shop’s Facebook page.

Lee said he and his staff also use the shop to train their employees on different types and varieties of tea that are sold.

In addition to the tea, Lee and his team offer a range of health products, including teas for throat and heart ailments, as well as herbal tea for the treatment of skin conditions, and the shop also carries a wide variety of other products.

One of the shops best sellers is  the tea with green tea.

This tea has a milder taste, which is why people who like it tend to like it a lot, Lee told the Taipei Times in an interview.

He said he hopes to make more tea with more flavors, including green tea and black, green and red, green, black, white, yellow, and purple tea.

He added that he hopes people who want to try a variety will also find the shop.

Tea lovers should stop by and try some of the tea made at the shop, as it is a great way to learn new tea and learn more about Taiwan’s tea culture, Lee added.

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