How to tell tea set tea station from tea set

The Tea Set, a popular tea shop in Washington, D.C., is being shut down by a tea company after it was caught serving tea to customers who didn’t have the proper ID.

The tea set in front of the Washington D.O.C. Federal Courthouse, March 13, 2019.

The Washington Tea Set is one of the many restaurants in the area that serves tea in a “taco station” style, where customers buy a small bowl of tea for $3.50.

But in an apparent effort to make the establishment look like a “true” tea shop, the tea company is putting a temporary tea sign up on the building.

Tea sets are popular in the District, especially in the suburbs where restaurants often serve food.

But the Washington Tea set is a tea set that has been around for decades and has been in the city since the 1950s.

The D.A. said that because of the temporary sign, the Tea Set will be closed for the next two weeks, until it can be inspected by a city official.

The company said in a statement on Tuesday that it’s aware of the “disappointment” in the neighborhood and has opened a new location in the same area.

The restaurant will reopen on Friday.

Tea set, Washington D,C.

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