When it comes to tea, the Chinese are very selective

I’ve been in China for the last four years and I’ve only been able to sample a few teas from the country’s tea region, but they have a very high-quality product.

The quality is not cheap, but it’s there.

For example, I recently sampled the new Chai Tea Latte from Beijing-based Changsha Tea.

It’s an all-natural tea brewed from the leaves of a plant that was historically a tea-producing region in China.

It has a slightly bitter taste and a creamy texture, but that’s a pretty standard, low-priced tea that can be found anywhere.

This is one of the best tasting tea I’ve had from China.

The price point of a traditional Chinese tea is around $20-25, so the Chai Latte is a great deal.

The flavor of the tea is a blend of floral and earthy notes that’s balanced by a creamy, nutty sweetness.

It tastes very rich, and the taste is a little sweeter than you’d expect, but the bitterness is still there.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The taste is very rich and creamy and there’s not a ton of bitterness.

There are some herbal notes, but you don’t get a lot of fruitiness.

The consistency is smooth, and I can barely taste any of the sweet or sour notes.

There’s a subtle pepper, but not a lot.

The latte is really good, and it’s a good choice for a beginner to try tea, and an excellent pick-up for those who want a latte that tastes like a traditional tea.

You can get the Chay Tea Lattes at your local Chinese grocery store, but Changsha is a better source.

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