How to get the best chai latte at Chai Tea Latte in Austin

Posted September 26, 2019 05:37:38Chai tea has been a staple of the Texas Indian food scene since the 1940s, when the city of Austin opened its first restaurant.

The coffee is made from beans roasted in small batches and served in a cup.

In recent years, chai lattes have become a staple, especially in the Austin area, as people have gotten used to the sweetness and richness of the drink.

The coffee is served in two sizes, called chai or chai kai, with a medium cup.

There are also lattes, which are more like a tea bag and a cup, and are made with coffee grounds. Chai latté is made with three cups of chai. 

Chai lattes are typically served with a cup of tea and a slice of bread.

It’s not uncommon for a customer to order a small cup of chaitan, a hot tea made from the bean and rice, which is served on a flatbread. 

“The best chaitans are made at the Chai Cafe in Austin,” said Chris Pendergast, owner of the Chaitan Café in Austin.

Pendergen said that the cafe opened in 2010 and that they serve a variety of teas including the popular green chai and the more traditional brown chai, made with chai seeds and ground coffee.

Pendergaston said that in the last few years, they’ve started serving coffee made from chai seed and rice and the coffee is also served in chai cups.

“The chai cup has become so popular in the United States, we wanted to make sure it’s available for customers in Austin and the rest of Texas,” he said.

“It’s a fun drink to make and an amazing taste for any tea lover.”

Peeves has been making chai since 1978.

His original recipe, which he says is made by hand, is based on a recipe he found on a website.

Peeves, who owns the Chayas Café, said that he and his partner have been serving chai in Austin for 30 years.

Penders said that people can enjoy their drink by themselves or they can order a chai coffee to go.

“We also do a small-serving, small-sized coffee,” he added.

“We do a lot of catering for tea parties, which includes a tea and cookies with chayas, so people can go get the chai,” Peeples said.

Chaitans Café is located at 906 E. University Drive, Suite 110, Austin, Texas 78701.

For more information on chai drinks and chai cafes, check out

Read more about chai on  The Daily Meal

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