What you need to know about the tea that made America great

The tea industry has been one of the largest and most successful in the world, but it has seen a recent resurgence of interest in the United States.

Tea has been made in a number of ways, from tea-colored bags to teapots, but what makes tea unique is that it is a combination of many different types of ingredients and the way that the ingredients are mixed into the tea.

In the United Kingdom, for example, tea is made from dried leaves and leaves that are picked.

Tea is made by brewing tea from water and extracting the water and tea from leaves.

In China, tea and tea bags are used in many different ways, including making tea in a tea pot, which can then be stored in a vessel, and using teapot lids to add the tea to a mug or a steamer.

Some people say that the Chinese tea industry can be a little difficult to understand.

They may seem like a Chinese industry, but they are really a tea industry.

If you look at the whole process of making tea, the most important thing is the quality of the tea itself.

Tea makers in the U.S. are a little bit more of a gray area because there is so much confusion about how to make tea.

There are so many different tea factories in the country.

It is difficult to explain.

I am trying to make this clear, but if you want to know how to be a tea maker, the first thing you have to do is to be patient.

Don’t rush into making a batch.

The tea you are going to make needs time to steep, to cool down, to be brewed and then it needs to be stored and you have a lot of different types and sizes of containers that you need for different purposes.

So, the best way to make a batch is to let your tea grow, then slowly add the ingredients together.

That is the easiest way to tell what the tea is going to be like.

You want to brew it in a pot that is at least 3 feet tall.

I would start by adding a lot more water than I normally do, about 1 quart to 2 quarts.

The idea is that the tea will sit on top of the water.

That will give you a little leeway in your brewing, and the leaves will sit at the bottom of the pot.

That way, the tea doesn’t get too dark.

You don’t want to over brew it.

I use a stainless steel pot, about the size of a small refrigerator.

I have a stainless water kettle, about 2 feet long, which I put in the bottom and then pour it out into the pot with a funnel, which makes it really easy to keep things neat and not get too wet.

The water gets a little warm when it is boiling, so the water gets mixed into a steam bath, which gets turned on for a couple of minutes.

Then it comes out of the kettle, which is about 4 to 5 inches tall, and it starts to cool.

The steam turns on and cools the tea and then the steam turns off and turns the steam on again and the steam does its thing.

You can do that for hours.

The leaves are just getting ready to go into the steamer for the steaming process.

So the steams start off in the boiler, which does a lot.

The steamer will probably be about 5 feet long.

Then the steamed tea will get cold, but the tea leaves are still wet, so they have a little extra water to go.

Then you add about 1 cup of sugar.

You also add a little water to the tea, and then you add a couple drops of lemon zest, which are pretty much the best thing you can add to tea.

You add a bit of lime juice.

So then you have tea.

It will be a very smooth and very clear tea.

The only thing that you don’t add is some salt, because tea has a lot to do with salt, so you want some salt.

It takes a little while for the tea the leaves to steep in the steam to cool and turn on.

Then after it has cooled a little, it will cool again and you will have a very clean tea.

I will add some water if I have some tea left.

Then I will start to mix the tea in the steame bath and I will mix the water in, and I can then add the lemon zests, and all of a sudden I have that beautiful cup of tea.

Now, I am going to tell you a couple things about this.

The first thing is that you have more leeway than you would think.

If I was going to say that a cup of fresh-made tea is not a very good cup of teas, I would have to say, you have an extra day in your schedule to make it.

So you have another couple of

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