When your body is in ketosis and your mind is on the go, tea can help you break through the stress of stress

Aussie tea enthusiast is trying to break through his stress in the midst of a ketosis diet.

Key points:Dr Tanya Gorman is taking her tea addiction to a whole new level with her Twisted Tea recipe.

She is using the tea to help her recover from stress and anxietyShe says she is making tea to combat the effects of her illnessThe recipe is simple, but with a twistDr Tiana Gorman has been taking tea for more than 20 years.

“I love tea.

I love all types of tea,” she said.”

Tea is my favourite thing to do.”

It calms me down, relaxes me and keeps me in the moment.

“She is currently on a strict ketosis schedule, meaning she only drinks tea once a week.”

At first I was struggling, but after a while I was able to drink it every day.

“Dr Gorman says the process of eating low-carb is a little different to most.”

You are on a diet of carbohydrates,” she explained.”

Carbs are a lot of things that cause you to feel sluggish and sluggish.

“They are also the main reason for getting diabetes.”

So for me, the only thing that’s really going to make me feel good is drinking tea.

“Dr Taya Gorman’s Twisted Tea recipes include a cinnamon tea, ginger tea and tea with lemon peel.

But she also recommends a tea with more natural ingredients, such as tea with ginger and a green tea with a green pepper.”

The tea with green pepper is actually my favourite,” she told 7.30.”

Because the tea is green, it tastes a little bit more like ginger.

“Dr Svetlana Dostoyevskaya is also using tea to fight her illness.

She said she was trying to find ways to keep her mind off the clock.”

Every single day is a new challenge and I really struggle with stress,” she noted.”

But sometimes, it’s a little more fun than anything else.

“Dr Dostoyaevsaya has found that she can use tea to keep herself on track.”

One day I went to the supermarket and I was eating so much I was feeling really tired,” she recalled.”

My mind was just really busy, it was just like a nightmare.

“When I went into the kitchen, I saw a tea in the fridge.

I was like, ‘I can do this’.”

Dr Dastoyevskyskaya said she is now making tea for herself every other day, and she says the recipe for Twisted Tea is the best she has ever had.

“What I love about tea is that you can use anything in it.

I used to drink tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” she shared.”

Now I make it for breakfast too.

I also like the way it smells.”


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