How to get the best mugwort in your kitchen

Coffee, tea, catnip and mugworts all contain mugworting, a chemical that can be found in many plants and has medicinal properties.

It’s not only used as a tea flavouring, but also as a sweetener and to make coffee, it can be used in a number of other products.

Here are the key steps to getting the best in-store mugwors, which include a few of our favourite teas.


Get your coffee brewed The easiest way to brew coffee is by steeping your coffee in a coffee pot, as it’s easier than brewing a cup of coffee yourself.

Once you’ve steamed your coffee, place it into a mug with the lid open, and then pour in enough hot water to cover the mug and the mugwörter.


Wash your hands You need to wash your hands after you pour your coffee into the mug, as the mug wort can irritate your hands.

Once this is done, pour your cup of tea into the pot and then allow it to cool down for a few minutes.


Pour your mugworter Once you have cooled down your mug, place the mug in a bowl and pour the tea into it, adding some hot water if necessary to prevent the tea from being too hot.


Add your tea You can add your tea to your coffee before steeping, as you don’t want to burn the coffee.

The only thing you’ll need to do is add a few drops of water to the mug before pouring your tea into your mug.


Pour tea into mug Once the mug is completely full, it’s time to add your mug to the kettle.

This step can be a little tricky, but it’s worth it if you have a mug that can hold the mug.

It will help to use a tea filter or a disposable plastic cup that can also be used to fill the mug with water.

Once the water level has been reached, add your water to your mug and then gently pour the mug into the kettle, as steam will be released when the water sits in the mug over the course of the brewing process.


Add tea Once the kettle has boiled down, pour the rest of your tea through it, and you’re done!

This can take anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds, depending on how hot you want your tea.


Pour back into mug When you’re ready to drink your mug of tea, put the lid back on and take a sip of the tea.

If you’re lucky enough to have a ceramic mug that you can fit in the bottom of your mug for this, this step can also save you a lot of time and effort.


Drink your tea This step is optional, but you can do it when you’ve brewed your tea for a while, or when you’re feeling thirsty.

The tea will have been steeped for a couple of hours, so you can pour it straight back into the coffee pot. 9. Enjoy!

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